About Walkers are Welcome

Walkers are Welcome Communities.


WAW towns, villages and now islands which have something very special to offer walkers.


Obtaining Walkers are Welcome status, as a growing number of communities across Britain are doing, brings a number of benefits. It helps strengthen our islands reputation as a place for visitors to come and enjoy the great outdoors. bringing useful benefits to the local economy. It helps to ensure that footpaths and visitor facilities are maintained in good condition. It contributes to local tourism plans and regeneration stratagies.


It also allows Unst, the island above all others, to benefit from networking with other Walkers are Welcome locations in England, Wales and Scotland. Experiences are shared informally and new ideas are developed to help promote and sustain smaller and more remote communities.


The Walkers are Welcome scheme is different in that it emerged from, and is being promoted by communities themselves. The idea was first discussed in 2006, became a reality when the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge became the first WAW community closely followed by Moffat in Scotland. Over 100 communities now have the Walkers are Welcome status. Our community of Unst is very proud to be the very first island to be recognised.


The Walkers are Welcome idea and brand is collectively managed by the  communities themselves, real grassroots democracy in action.


Walkers are Welcome criteria.


All Walkers are Welcome locations have achieved community and local business support.


Full details of benefits of Walkers are Welcome are available at www.walkers are welcome.co.uk



Walkers are Welcome would normally promote local transport but Unst only has one bus each day to the Shetland main town of Lerwick.


Finally, guided walks are available on certain days each week with a Shetland Ranger to the two nature reserves at Hermaness and Keen of Hamar.    



The pictures taken on this WAW web page were taken by P M Jones Unst.