Unst & Fetlar walks

A selection of walks available on Unst & Fetlar.


Walk 1.   Hermaness Circular


This is one of the great walks of the world and visits moorland and cliff tops with 170 metre cliffs and spectacular views of Muckle Flugga Lighthouse and Out Stack, the very last rock of the United Kingdom. Over 120,000 seabirds use these cliffs during the breeding season. This is a straight forward walk that most fit people can achieve in around 4 hours dependent on how long you spend viewing the wildlife. The central path through the center of Hermaness is now closed. A new route is from the cliffs to Hermaness Hill. Return on the same path. 


Walk 2   Hermaness Circular long walk.


This walk has been suspended at the request of the Landowner and the RSPB. Sensetive bird nesting areas are being damaged by the large numbers of walkers visiting the Reserve.. 


Walk 3   Keen of Hamar - Baltasound Circular.


This is a moderate difficulty walk visiting a number of interesting locations from a Nature Reserve to a Shetland Geopark location and Viking Unst. There is a long coastal section with spectacular views from one of Unst high points. Allow up to 4 hours.


Walk 4   Saxa Vord via Norwick Circular.


This walk commences at the WAW information centre and starts with a steady climb up Saxa Vord hill. Then takes the ridge line east to a point overlooking the last house in the United Kingdom. From this high point you return part way on the ridge and then descend to Norwick. Visit a very nice beach before returning to Saxa Vord  Cafe, car park. Allow 2.5 hours, a very nice late evening walk.


Walk 5   Saxa Vord via the Noup & Sothers Field.


This walk also starts at the WAW centre. The walk is remote and covers difficult ground. There are some areas of bog which you need to be aware of. This a walk for experienced walkers. The walk starts with a long steady climb to Saxa Vord at 750 feet with spectacular views of Burrafirth and Muckle Flugga . You then take a track on the left and descend to the sea cliffs. With great care head west over looking amazing seascapes. Finally climbing to your right away from the cliffs and back to the Saxa Vord Road' At the road turn left descending to the Foords Cafe and the WAW centre and car park. Allow 5 - 6 hours.


Fetlar The Garden Island.


The community of Fetlar are Unst close nieighbours and it is a stong recommendation that you extend your stay to include and a day or even an overnight stay on Fetlar. The ferry service between Unst and Fetlar is free. The are a number of sign posted walks on Fetlar and an excellent RSPB reserve. UWAW have provided a link to the Fetlar web site for more detail on visitor attractions and accommodation.


Walk 7   Belmont to Lund.


This is a relatively flat walk but incorporates some of Unst finest scenery. As well as spectacular sea views you will visit some historical ruins of significance. The cemetery and beach at Lund are very special and atmospheric. Allow up to 3 hours for arranging your collection. This walk can be extended by returning in the opposite direction.


Walk 8    Saxa Vord - Horns of Hagmark Circular.


This is a moderate 5 hour walk with a height gain of around 150 metres starting at the WAW centre walking east to Norwick beach. At the road to the cemetary turn right. Follow the road to the cottage. Go throgh the gate and walk behind the cottage doown to the shoreline and over the style. Walk up the shoreline crossing a further two styles and up to trigg point on the Horns of Hagmark. On the way down cross two styles on the shoe line and finally a ladder style at the quarry. Walk along the dirt and then tarmac road look out for Shetland ponies at Clibberswick Stud.. At the T junction turn right walking up hill and back to Saxa Word Resort exhibitions and cafe open until 4 pm  serving hot food or afternoon tea. 


Walk 9   Westing via Valla Field Circular.


This walk starts at Westing overlooking the Atlantic. Starts with a coast walk and returns via a high ridge with lots of opportunities for sightings of Shetland birds in the small pools. The walk is moderate but compass and navigation skills are recommended. Height gain around 216 metres and allow 3 hours. This walk can be extended by an additional cliff walk northward before returning to Hagdales Ness and climbing to Vallafield and the ridge.


Walk 10   Round Unst Trek.


This is a walk that can be for the commited or it can be walked in short sections. the 60 mile walk  will be rememberd for life. The full walk can be achieved in around 31 hours but is also well suited for a wild camping and completed in three days or more. If you chose to complete the walk over several days your accomodation can probably arrange for you to be dropped off and collected at the end of each day by P & T Coaches.      


Walk 11   Heilia Brue & Valla Field


This walk starts on the A968 between Baltasound and Uyreasound. The walk takes a track to the third highest point on the Island. The 360 deg views from the trigg point are spectacular. The walk is easy to moderate and is 6 miles in overall length on a clear defined track. On your return there is

a style leading to the lochside to extend the walk and view wildlife. 


There are many circular and cross country walks on Unst in distances of between 2 & 30 miles.